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Wild Mushroom Identification

Wild Mushrooms Wild Mushroom Identification

The following three options are available:

  1. EXPLORATORY: Adventurous
  2. INTERMEDIATE: Intellectual Rollercoaster Ride
  3. ADVANCED: Intense and Stimulating


  • Modules via e-mail
  • Attached PDF, XLSX and JPG documents


  • Ability to send and receive e-mail
  • Preferably an e-mail address where size limitation is not a barrier (minimum 25 Mb) e.g. or


  • Own pace and schedule
  • No time limitations

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Why would you consider e-Learning?                  

  • The proportion of individuals joining e-Learning interactive web-based training for professional upgrade and for recreational purposes is growing immensely
  • As e-Learning interactive web-based training denotes the physical separation of the learner from the instructor, it is characterised by non-contiguous communication, meaning that the learner and instructor are separated not only in space but also in time
  • e-Learning reaches out to learners wherever they live or wish to study
  • If you have access to e-mail, the popular e-Learning method would be the preferred choice
  • The e-Learning learner is typically in full, partial or no employment and / or having family and social commitment

What are the advantages of e-Learning over virtual real-time education?

  • A distinguished and proven method in education
  • Unique combination of instructor-initiated (synchronous) and self-paced (asynchronous) training, thus greater flexibility as it allows learners to study at their own pace over a longer period of time
  • Ability to complete your course as quickly or slowly as circumstance dictates
  • Eliminating the technical set-up requirements associated with virtual real-time courses
  • All information in clear and easy to understand modules via e-mail, attached PDF, XLSX and JPG documents
  • One learner per instructor, thus undivided attention. Also unlimited e-mail and / or cell phone access to instructor whilst doing the course
  • Recognising the immense social interaction needs of all human beings, we will spend a considerable amount of time guiding you through the material, explaining the finer detail and addressing your questions
  • Ability to continue without interruption, even during unexpected events such as the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Reduced course rate

Why registering for a course at the Academy?

  • You are dealing with experienced mushroom specialists, in other words, professionals who completed post graduate degrees at universities, worked at research institutes and served the private industries over years
  • Wild mushroom identification is a field of specialisation. Edible and poisonous wild mushroom species cannot always be easily distinguished, thus risky when dealing with amateurs
  • Value for money. A surprisingly high number of wild mushroom forays and / or workshops are run by self-taught amateurs, with no applicable or formal qualifications. Training should preferably be left to the professionals. Especially when dealing with the identification of wild mushrooms

Please select the most suitable level of training:

  • No registration deadline, thus possible to register any time of the year
  • Commencement date: Any time of the year, all year round
  • Duration and completion: No limitations, depending on your circumstances
  • Payment deadline: Directly after submitting the registration form. Please follow the payment instructions

EXPLORATORY: Adventurous

R 2999 | € 217 e-Learning

INTERMEDIATE: Intellectual Rollercoaster Ride

R 3999 | € 290 e-Learning

ADVANCED: Intense and Stimulating

R 7999 | € 580 e-Learning

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