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eBook - Mushroom Business Design Guide

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Mushroom Business Design Guide

Mushroom Business Design Guide©
In DRM-free PDF e-Book format

With the easy-to-use Microsoft Excel-based Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator now available, gone are the days where other people or companies can take control of your business by the withholding of crucial information. If you don’t understand substrate and system design, either somebody else controls your business or you don’t have a profitable business. To get maximum use of the Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator and / or Mushroom Business Plan and Operational Management Design System, we have compiled the Mushroom Business Design Guide© which will explain the value of the calculator with examples and substrate formulations applicable to various mushroom species. Additional emphasis will be on the know-how to structure or design your mushroom business in such a manner that you can operate at optimum levels for maximum profitability. 

If you have either very recently completed the Commercial Course at the South African Gourmet Mushroom Academy where we provide the Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator as part of the course fee or received the calculator for trial testing, you might just be interested in purchasing the Mushroom Business Design Guide. Orders are now open: 


Mushroom Business Design Guide

Mushroom Business Design Guide©
In DRM-free PDF e-Book format

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The Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator is NOT for sale separately, so if you don’t have the calculator, please order the Student Combo (Calculator + Guide) instead of buying the Mushroom Business Design Guide on its own.

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